2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the epic voyage of the Pilgrims from Delfshaven to the ‘New World’ of America. This historic event earned Delfshaven a place in the history books. But there is more that makes this 14th century Dutch port a must-see. Four centuries after the Pilgrims’ departure, Delfshaven harbors thousands of residents from all corners of the globe. Some were born in Delfshaven, others settled there more recently. Together they have turned this picturesque Dutch harbor into a multicultural microcosm, a melting pot, so to speak.

Explore this unique part of town with exhibitions, walking & cycling tours, food, drinks and lots of other activities for all ages.


  • The Netherlands, England and the United States commemorate the sea voyage the Pilgrim Fathers made to America in 1620....

  • Slimmed-down but still a multi-faceted programme that tells the story of four centuries of coming and going....

  • Compact Delfshaven400 with exhibitions, walking and cycling routes, food, drinks and lots of activities for people of all ages....

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