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The staying power of Delfshaven400 in the city

By Angelique Mulders

(translated to English by Delfshaven400)
The departure of the Pilgrim Fathers from Delfshaven to the United States on July 22, 1620 will be used this summer to bring Historical Delfshaven to top of mind for the people of Rotterdam in three and a half weeks. But don’t think that all activities revolve around this piece of history.

Another important reason for the creation of Delfshaven400 is Rotterdam’s desire to spread festivals throughout the city. Not everything has to “automatically” take place in the city center or in one of the city parks, is the word from city hall. ,, We are concentrating this festival in Historical Delfshaven; a beautiful area with beautiful people. The aim is to give a “boost” to the area and to give it a festival, that  as Delfshaven Festival will live on for years to come,” adds Cynthia Soeters.

“We also discuss the less pleasant side of migration. We cannot and will not ignore that.” – Marianne Smitshoek, project manager Delfshaven400

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