Four-nation commemoration

1 commemoration, 4 nations

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the epic voyage of the Pilgrims from the Nederlands, via England, to America. To tell the historically accurate and culturally inclusive history, the United States, the Wampanoag Nation, the United Kingdom and The Nederlands (Leiden and Delfshaven) have partnered up.  These four nations commemorate the Pilgrims, the places they passed through and the role they played in the founding of the United States.

The consequences of this voyage, both good and bad, are still felt today. To acknowledge this, the focus of the commemoration is on themes that resonate today: migration, cultural riches but also tolerance, oppression and the impact of the European expansion on the native population of North America. From local programmes to international cooperation, all wish to contribute to mutual understanding and critical reflection. So we can learn and be inspired to benefit future generations.

Leiden400 (the Nederlands)

For twelve years the Pilgrims lived in Leiden, free from religious prosecution by the English crown. 400 years after their departure, Leiden traces the steps and legacies of their guests with a varied cultural, academic and educational programme.

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Leiden400 is an alliance between Leiden HeritageMuseum De LakenhalLeiden Marketing and Pieterskerk Leiden.

Mayflower400 UK (United Kingdom)

The Pilgrims travelled from Leiden to Delfshaven to the English port of Plymouth. There they reunited with others who also wanted to leave for America. On the ship Mayflower, the Pilgrims continued their voyage to the ‘new world’. Mayflower400 commemorates the Pilgrims and the legacy of these passengers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Just as Leiden400 and Delfshaven400, Mayflower400 recognises the impact of the Pilgrims’ journey on Native American communities and extensively addresses themes of colonialism and migration.

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Plymouth400 (United States)

When the Pilgrims arrived in America, they inhabited a settlement and named it after their port of departure. 400 years later, Plymouth, Massachusetts remembers the founders of this city. Of course it also includes the history of the original inhabitants, the Wampanoag Nation, which consists of the federally recognized tribes of Aquinnah and Mashpee. Therefore, Plymouth400 and Wampanaog Nation commemorate the arrival of the Pilgrims together.

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Experience the history of the Wampanoag with “Our”Story: 400 Years of Wampanoag History. Additional chapters of Wampanoag history will be added each year in November.

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