TimeTransit 1620-NOW

Aug 2 2020 - Dec 31 2020
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Stichting Verborgen Stad

With this digital time machine you can travel through time with your phone and experience what Delfshaven looked like 400 years ago.

The picturesque old Dutch harbor is surrounded by a metropolitan district where the majority of the residents have a migrant background. Yet this is not a contradiction. People from all over the world also came in the early 17th century; fleeing persecution or looking for work.

Always wanted to time travel? Thanks to the latest VR technology, you can look around Delfshaven from 400 years ago. Flats and motorways give way to facades and shipyards. VOC ships, whalers and herring tubes are moored in the ports.

Also meet newcomers of the time. Where did they live and work, did they come from and dream of? Every story is mirrored to a resident of today. This way past and present are linked and the history of Delfshaven is told.

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