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Spotlight on Delfshaven with a feast

By Gerda Frankenhuis (translated to English by Delfshaven400) With a large festival, Rotterdam Festivals wants to put Historical Delfshaven permanently in the spotlight, nationally and internationally. Next year, the Netherlands will commemorate the departure of the Pilgrim Fathers to the United States. It is then exactly four hundred years ago that the English puritans who took refuge in the Netherlands made the crossing to the new promised land.

“For four weeks there are activities such as music, dance, guided tours, exhibitions, stories, food and drinks. We go much further than just the emigration of the Pilgrim Father. We are trying to broaden the theme of emigration to this day. How is it for people to go to another country that has a different way of life.” – Cynthia Soeters, marketing manager Delfshaven400

“Some parts of the programme, such as a new walking tour, longer opening hours of the church, and a refreshed exhibition in the same church, will also remain after the event. Delfshaven is a hidden gem of the city that is currently not given enough attention. It deserves more.” – Johan Moerman, managing director Rotterdam Festivals

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